Chef Eileen Andrade Aims to Make a Destination Out of Miami Suburb, Kendall

Chef Eileen Andrade Aims to Make a Destination Out of Miami Suburb, Kendall

"If I could describe my style of cooking, I would definitely say— bold," says Chef Eileen Andrade.

And “bold” is right as her restaurants serve up a combination of Cuban, Peruvian and Korean dishes.

There is no stopping this fierce Miami-based chef from accomplishing her goals.

In her mid-twenties, Eileen Andrade, opened her first restaurant, Finka Table & Tap in Kendall, an unassuming suburban Miami neighborhood. Now, the 29-year-old sits down with Foodable to talk about her newest restaurant concept, Amelia’s 1931, which she opened less than a mile away from her first concept.

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New Basement Coffee Speakeasy

coffee beans

Summertime and the livin' is speakeasy!

New Orleans is known for its melting pot of transatlantic cuisine. French, Spanish, African and Native American cultures bleed into a unique style of delish dishes that can't be found anywhere else. But while the food has made NOLA's name, coffee from the region hasn't found solid footing in the city, but little by little, drip by drip, specialty coffee is beginning to tantalize the tastebuds of The Big Easy.

Welcome Sólo Espresso! This quaint, basement speakeasy is nestled in the corner of Urquhart Street and Poland Avenue, on the first floor of a 75-year-old house. While the space is small at 400 square feet, the elements of the past you can find in this little bit of Heaven is limitless. Original barn doors, a table made of 100-year-old wood and a first-generation Synesso Cyncra espresso machine decorate the space and bring visitors into another era.

And what draws people in beyond the setting is, of course, the coffee. Guests can choose between naturally processed Brazil from Fazenda Irmas Pereira or the fully-washed Kichwa Tembo from Kenya.

"I don't want anyone to feel intimidated when order," owner Lauren Morlock said. "I want to educate people about the coffees, processes, roasts, extraction, etcetera, so they know what they're drinking. Hopefully they will feel a little more connected and have a different perspective on coffee." Read More

Secret Bars in Eight Different Cities

Secret Bars in Eight Different Cities

By Natalie Migliarini, Foodable Contributor

The secrets out, hidden bars and speakeasies are trending in cities all around the globe. From prohibition themed establishments to modern rifts on classic cocktail bars. From dialing retro phones to picking the right door knob in order to gain entry to these is half of the allure. Obscure locations are also a popular theme being utilized to entice patrons across the hidden bar trend. Popular restaurants are housing these hidden bars, but only people in the know – know where to find these hidden gems.  

Below are eight hidden bars that are trending across the country.  


Backdoor at the Roxy: The Backdoor bar is located in the hippy neighborhood of Fremont. A hidden side door shields a beautiful room adorned with Moroccan lanterns, stylish murals, and ornate statues, highlighting the well-stocked bar. The circular bar holds an abundance of liquor alongside house-made barreled cocktails and Backdoor branded bitters that are for sale. The bar serves seasonal craft cocktails in conjunction with a selection of local favorites available at various restaurants and bars around the Fremont neighborhood.  

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A Speakeasy That's Refining the Cocktail Experience

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In this episode of Across the Bar, brought to you by the Foodable Network, Paul makes his way to Fort Lauderdale’s Bar Stache, a 1920s drinking den that balances equal parts quality cocktails and music. Mixologist John Lermayer shows us around the venue, complemented by eclectic art and furniture, that transforms guests back to a time when nightlife was more refined. Watch the full episode to get a glimpse into how John created Bar Stache’s cocktail menu and what inspires their take on classic cocktails. (And, of course, we couldn’t leave without trying a few ourselves!)