Spring Menus Have Sprung

Spring Menus Have Sprung

It is officially Spring! And while many parts of the country are still working on warming up (Apologies to everyone in the Northeast right now) chefs are ramping up their menus with fresh and bright menu items sure to draw in a wave of hungry foodies.

Spring makes us feel renewed. The sun begins its return, flowers are blooming, and treasured ingredients like white asparagus, morel mushrooms and snow peas are coming back in season. And customers are finally coming out of their winter hibernation looking for something fresh to clear up the heavy bread bowls and hearty meals that had sustained them during the winter.  

We decided to reach out to chefs around the country and put together a short list of some of the best spring menu items across the nation to jump-start your creativity. Thank you, everyone, for your awesome submissions! 

Our criteria for selecting the best dishes are as follows:

  1. Ingredients - Are they fresh and seasonal?
  2. Visual appeal - Does the picture make me travel the distance to get this dish?
  3. Creativity - Is it unique or made to be new?

Ok, Here we go!

#3 Holla Duck 

Chef Oscar Cabezas - Telefèric Barcelona - Walnut Creek, California 

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