Plant-Based, Technologically Driven, Vastly Different Startups Receive $3 Billion in Investments

Plant-Based, Technologically Driven, Vastly Different Startups Receive $3 Billion in Investments
  • The future of food looks technologically driven with meatless meat and low sugar sweets.

  • New meal choices are under development with recently funded startups.

These startups have gained about three billion dollars globally of disclosed investment over the past 12 months. Here are some highlights of food and beverage trends you can expect to see coming soon.

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Albertsons Will Launch a Digital Marketplace To Better Compete with Amazon

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Shoppers are oftentimes choosing to buy local or start-up brands as opposed to household or national names. Amazon, for example, was able to get ahead at identifying well-performing smaller brands through the Whole Foods acquisition. Some grocers are taking notice.

This is part of the reason why Albertsons decided to launch a digital marketplace for smaller brands.

“The effort comes as retailers more and more are looking to data to help guide their buying decisions,” as reported by “CNBC.”

By having a centralized point where products are easy to find, track and hard data can be collected to determine which brands are performing best it will not only benefit consumers but grocers and smaller brands alike.

“Armed with data from the marketplace, brands can make their case for shelf space in Albertsons' stores, according to “CNBC.” “On the flip side, the data Albertsons has access to through its efforts will help it better understand its customers.”

Vendors who can handle their own shipments will be the first ones able to participate in the marketplace. There’s a possibility that in the future Albertsons may jump in and aid vendors with shipment responsibilities.

This initiative comes after the grocer launched Albertsons Performance Media, “a digital media capability that provides brands the opportunity to use proprietary shopper data to drive sales across Albertsons Companies’ network of more than 2,300 stores in 35 states,” as described in a company press release.

Will Albertson be able to compete with Amazon through their efforts? Looks like they are on the right path to be a strong contender.

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Dartmoor Whisky and Artisan Spirits Startups: A New Approach to an Old Industry

Dartmoor Whisky and Artisan Spirits Startups: A New Approach to an Old Industry

By Ryan Ross, Foodable Contributing Editor

In recent years, we’ve seen the emergence of a craft/artisanal/DIY trend in the beverage industry. It began with craft beer, and a few years after that, craft soda came along and continued this evolution. But between those two, there was another trend that quietly took root in the beverage industry: artisan spirits. Artisan spirits are created with the same values in mind that craft beer and soda companies espouse: smaller batches, crafted with care and attention and using better ingredients.

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Why These Food Tech Companies Failed

Why These Food Tech Companies Failed

By Kerri Adams, Editor-at-Large

Five years ago, it seemed like every entrepreneur wanted a piece of the food tech pie. Once PostMates launched in 2011 and GrubHub and Seamless merged in 2013, thousands of food-focused technology companies were on the lookout for funding.

The future looked bright as many of these companies raised millions. Fast forward to 2016, several of these well-funded startups have been forced to throw in the towel.

But, why did these companies fail in the first place? Especially when many of which seemed to be on track to succeed?


This on-demand pre-made meal delivery startup announced in mid-march that it was closing up shop. Although the company had raised $13.5 million, it wasn’t enough to fund the costs to continue operating. 

So, why couldn’t SpoonRocket stay afloat?

The Fierce Competition 

By 2016, SpoonRocket was one of the many on-demand food delivery services on the market. DoorDash, PostMates, Caviar, GrubHub and even Amazon were rapidly spreading to different cities. 

Investors interested in the third-party delivery sector had more options to choose from.

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3 Things You Need to Do at NRA Show 2016

3 Things You Need to Do at NRA Show 2016

By Mae Velasco, Custom Content Editor

Get pumped! The biggest trade show in foodservice is right around the corner. The NRA Show, held in Chicago and this year from May 21 to 24, is gathering the greatest in the restaurant and hospitality industry in one place. From innovators to brand executives, from exhibitions to education sessions, from new products to new ideas, every aisle is ripe with opportunities.

But at the McCormick Place — the largest convention center in North America at 2.6 million square feet, and every inch filled with all-things trade  — it can be a little overwhelming to decide where to go and what to see. No fear! To help cut down your analysis paralysis, here are at least three things you need to jot down on your to-do list when at NRA Show 2016.

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