Boost Value and Cut Costs with Speed Scratch Menu Items

Boost Value and Cut Costs with Speed Scratch Menu Items

You’ve no doubt heard these industry buzzwords lately: fresh, scratch-made, consistent. But creating an entire menu from scratch daily can be incredibly difficult, not to mention the stress it places on your kitchen and staff. Sourcing, storing, and measuring individual ingredients for each dish takes time and space, costing you money.

So, many businesses fall into the trap of cutting corners thinking it will save them money.

But, if there is anything we can learn from successful business owners like Shake Shack or Lemonade, it’s that cutting corners is a short-term solution. Truly successful businesses take pride in providing truly high-quality food, and revel in the success.

But consider a new buzzword: Speed scratch. Speed scratch dishes are scratch made items that have been aided and possibly enhanced by the addition of pre-measured and tailored seasonings, which allow a scratch-made product to be made quicker than measuring, sourcing and storing a bunch of ingredients.

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