The Death of Fine Dining: Was It Ever Really Alive in Minneapolis?

The conversation surrounding the death of the fine dining establishment is a national one. But for Minneapolis, this is hitting even closer to home.

Minneapolis is mourning the closing of La Belle Vie, owned by James Beard Award winning chef, Tim McKee and raising the question, “Was fine dining ever really alive in Minneapolis?”

McKee fully admits that La Belle Vie isn’t exactly what he would call “fine dining.” That, in itself, is a glimpse at the evolution and future of fine dining.

“I think if you were to ask people in town which restaurants are fine dining, you’d get some answers, but I don’t really agree with that, and I would bet that the people at those restaurants wouldn’t really agree with that either,” McKee told Thrillist Minneapolis. “I think that what we tend to hear a lot, is that people often equate an excellent dining experience with fine dining and that’s just not necessarily what it is.” Read more