The Era of the Super Foodie is Here



Thanks to social media, we have become acutely aware that consumer love to show off their food.

Super foodies, also known as Food Connected Consumers (FCCs,) represent 62 percent of Americans.

This group has significant buying power and has spent $835 billion in U.S. food expenditures, according to a study by Fogelson & Co.

But getting an Instagram worthy photo isn't the only thing that today's food-obsessed consumer care about and as a marketer, it's important to keep this in mind.

“Our research underscores an emerging, passionate majority of mainstream Americans who care about the food they eat, value transparency, and are loyal to brands that speak to them,” said Susie Fogelson, Founder and CEO of Fogelson & Co. “The findings suggest ways for food, beverage, hospitality and dining brands to rethink their storytelling strategy.”

FCCs aren't dining out as often though, according to the study.

This group is preparing meals from scratch at least three times a week.

This is partly because these foodies want to know what's exactly in their food and are looking to be adventurous.

"Brands can improve their chances of being the customer choice through education, and demonstrating the products range of use, and that marketers shouldn’t be afraid to present new products and flavors, as 67% of FCCs consider themselves food explorers," writes "The Food Institute."

“Gen Z is really having a lot of fun with food. It’s a relief and a release from the perceived instability and uncertainty of their world,” said Fogelson.

But social media still plays a major role when these eaters are making dining decisions.

More than half of this group (55 percent) read restaurant reviews and then 25 percent gauge a restaurant by what's on social media. The Gen Z population is three times as likely to look at food post son Instagram and 25 percent order food via mobile apps.

Read more about this group's purchasing power at "The Food Institute."

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