These Retailers are Now Offering On-site Food Options to Lure in More Shoppers

As e-commerce giants like Amazon continue to conquer the retail space, traditional retailers are struggling to get shoppers to visit their stores.

However, retailers are getting creative and are offering dining options in stores to entice customers to stay awhile

Ikea isn't the only home store serving food items anymore. Crate and Barrel is partnering with Bill Kim, the culinary mastermind behind the Urbanbelly and BellyQ concepts, to open a restaurant at a Chicago store.

Then Restoration Hardware opened a “90,000-square-foot experience” in New York, which combines retail with a rooftop restaurant, wine terrace, park, and coffeehouse.

This isn't only a trend with home decor retailers either. AT&T opened "The Lounge," which is a retail space paired with a hangout coffeehouse.

Then, back in 2017, Tiffany & Co. opened The Blue Box Café at its flagship store in New York.

Retailers offering food options makes sense too since more consumers are eating out. Today's market offers more affordable yet quality food options.

According to Joanne Joliet, the research director at the research firm Gartner, 48 percent of consumers' family food dollar is spent on restaurants and food in 2017. While in 1955, only 25 percent was spent.

So retailers are making it convenient for shoppers looking to grab a bite before or after some retail therapy.

“Roughly 80 percent of a retailer’s total sales are coming from the store. … Retailers know they need to use their physical stores to create an inviting, engaging and differentiated customer experience to attract customers, introduce products and create an overall affinity for their brand,” said Joliet to "Adweek." “This further supports a retailer’s online offering, as customers will leverage a retailer’s online offering for pure transactional needs once they are familiar with the products.”

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