Top Financial Tools For Your Restaurant - Bench Accounting Software

Successful restaurant operators recognize that tracking expenses is absolutely essential. However, orchestrating the process can be difficult, expensive, and time-consuming.

There are a number of different expense trackers on the market that can make the tracking process simple and straightforward for businesses. Excel, FreshBooks, QuickBooks, Expensify, Mint, Bench Accounting, and SAP Concur are just a few of the most popular trackers available today.

Bench is the expense tracker we use and highly recommend here at Foodable. Composed of a passionate team of small business bookkeepers, Bench is best for businesses looking for a hands-off approach: all of your bookkeeping and expense importing, reviewing, and categorizing is managed by Bench.

Bench can be used in both a more “robust” form on your desktop and in an intuitive, streamlined app. “If you are a very mobile app user,” adds Barron, “this is the product to use.”

Thoughtfully organized financial reports are delivered to you monthly, and there are no storage limits for business receipts. A helpful search tool allows you to easily locate any of your checks and expenditures. Bench bookkeepers are also happy to work with your accountant during tax season.

For companies that do not yet have a CFO, apps like Bench can be a lifesaver. “Every small business—whether you’re a restaurant operator or a big brand or emerging—you need that kind of support,” says Barron. “These will be your new CFOs.”

For restaurant businesses, the pricing program with Bench depends upon your annual revenue. A restaurant that enjoys a higher revenue will pay more than a smaller or emerging business.

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