Washington Report: Trump's Policies Pro-Restaurant?

Video Produced by Denise Toledo

The restaurant industry makes up a big part of the economy. After Tuesday’s election, it seems Donald Trump’s focus on jobs and the economy has resonated with organizations like the National Restaurant Association (NRA). Cicely Simpson, executive vice president of Government Affairs and Policy at the NRA, tells us how the organization engaged with President-Elect Trump and his campaign team to advocate for the industry.

“[W]e really try to educate the campaign about the industry, who we are, and the 1 million restaurants we represent and the over 14 million individuals that we employ. We’ve been working with the Trump campaign all summer to talk about the restaurant industry and the benefits of our industry to the economy.”

Trump’s 100-Day Plan lists many goals that directly affect the industry. His plan to repeal Affordable Care Act has been a main component of his campaign. Affecting industry employees and restaurant operators quite differently, it will be interesting to follow America’s sentiments once an alternate plan is released. Trump’s actions on immigration reform will also factor into the industry, but until it is actually enacted, it is tough to say how it will pan out for the industry.

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