Tyson Foods Launches Plant-Based Brand Raised & Rooted

Tyson Foods, the second largest meat packer in the world, will unveil its first plant-based nuggets and burgers this summer and fall, respectively. These products will be released as part of Raised & Rooted, the corporation’s new plant-based and blended meat brand.

Instead of chicken, the nuggets will be largely composed of pea protein. The burgers will be a blend of Angus beef, plants, and pea protein. The nuggets promise 30 percent less saturated fat than traditional meat, while the burgers guarantee 60 percent less. The nuggets also feature five grams of fiber.

Alternative protein is “experiencing double-digit growth,” says Noel White. White has served as president and CEO of Tyson Foods since late 2018. “It could someday be a billion-dollar business for our company.” He also affirmed that the company would continue to be “firmly committed” to its original meat-based products.

Raised & Rooted will face fierce competitors, including Impossible Foods and Beyond Meat—and Tyson Foods only recently divested from the latter. Tyson Foods has previously invested in other alternative protein companies as well, including Future Meat Technologies, Memphis Meats, and Myco Technology.

After its announcement, Tyson Foods shares climbed three percent while Beyond Meat fell four percent. Beyond Meat ceased production of its plant-based chicken strips earlier this year. Kellogg’s currently offers vegetarian chicken nuggets through its Morningstar Farms division.

Tyson Foods intends to offer additional alternative protein products through its other divisions, and Raised & Rooted is not the first of the corporation’s numerous brands to offer plant-based products. Aidells currently features all-natural sausage and meatballs composed of blended chicken and plant proteins.

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Paul Barron

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