Tyson Releases List of 2019 Food Trends

As the end of 2018 quickly approaches, marketers are trying to predict what 2019 will bring to stay ahead of the trends.

Green pancakes with matcha tea |   Shutterstock

Green pancakes with matcha tea | Shutterstock

This year, the U.S. food company Tyson Foods has compiled a list of trends and insights from its leading foodservice experts and innovators.

So what did the chicken, beef, and pork processor highlight as the food trends that will be on the tip of the tongue in 2019?

Well, consumers will be looking for the right foods that promote health and beauty.

"Superfoods" will continue to grow in popularity, especially those that are easy to eat on the go.

"In 2019, more people will be thinking strategically about eating foods that help give them energy, focus, and sharper thinking," writes Tyson Foods. "Health and wellness has evolved from not only eliminating ingredients that detract or don’t facilitate vitality but adding ingredients that may offer extra health benefits."

With that in mind, energy-boosting foods and foods that detox will be on more menus.

The transparency trend is also gaining even more momentum, especially when it comes to labels at grocery stores. 39 percent of consumers are switching to brands that are more transparent on labels.

"Larger companies will dedicate resources to transparency and educating people on the sourcing and production of their products. These efforts will extend beyond best practices at the farm and factory level to include sustainable packaging and clean product labeling initiatives," writes Tyson.

The fast casual Pei Wei recently introduced the Wei it Forward clean-label initiative to offer more information to customers on the ingredients used in its dishes.

Listen to the episode of The Barron Report below as Pei Wei's CMO explains why the restaurant launched the initiative and some of the changes the fast casual made to its supply chain to support this program.

Consumers are also trying to eat more plant-based items with 40 percent of Americans eating more of these foods.

Although the plant-based diet is on the rise, other meat-focused diets like keto are influencing eaters to trade carbs for more protein.

Consumers are also interested in being less wasteful and consuming all of the animal parts.

"There has been a growing trend for new cuts of meat and “nose to tail” eating (where every part of the animal is being put to use) taking shape in the U.S. after years of companies exporting these proteins oversees where, in some cases, (like chicken paws in China) they are considered delicacies," writes Tyson Foods.

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