Watch out Ziosk, the Restaurant Tablet Company Presto Raises $30M

Presto Tablet |   Presto

Presto Tablet | Presto

Presto, the technology company that offers pay-at-table services for full-service restaurants, announced earlier this week that it has raised $30 million from Recruit Holdings and Romulus Capital.

Other venture firms including I2BF Global Ventures, EG Capital and Brainchild Holdings have also invested in the tabletop tech company.

Presto has emerged as one of the leading solutions for restaurants looking to incorporate more technology when it comes to the guest experience.

The table-top tablets allow users to order and pay on the device, which helps to improve speed of service. The device can even be used to alert servers when a table needs them.

“I would say most restaurant groups are looking at how they can become more of a tech company… and adopt technology that could help them become more efficient,” said Raj Suri, Presto CEO to "TechCrunch." “The industry is moving in this direction in a pretty significant way and it won’t be long before you see our technology in every restaurant.”

Ziosk's rival Presto has partnered with large chains including Red Lobster, Applebee's, Denny's and Outback Steakhouse.

Besides enhancing the customer experience by accelerating service, the platform collects valuable customer data.

For example, the information collected can be used to help the restaurant's team determine how much of certain food item to order or how many servers should be staffed on Monday based on previous data.

But the software goes beyond offering internal analytics. "The platform leverages a variety of data inputs so that things like nearby sporting events or weather patterns can be integrated into suggestions about how many servers should be staffed on a given Tuesday," writes "Tech Crunch."

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While Presto and Ziosk are streamlining the guest experience and providing valuable data, other systems like Nowait are improving front-of-house operations. This waitlist app is helping operators give guests an accurate estimate of when their table is ready, while also giving the operator daily analytic reports. Check out the video below to learn more.