Why The Miami Culinary Scene Needs To Step It up

We have been tracking 15 food cities over the past 12 months, with monthly sentiment rankings that calculate millions of consumer conversations. This is what helps us understand where the hot restaurant scenes thrive. Of course NYC, San Francisco and Chicago lead the country in overall scoring and even LA, Dallas, DC and Boston come respectively close.  Foodable is a South Florida based network that films the best food, concepts, leaders and chefs worldwide. We rarely miss a beat when it comes to identifying the true leaders in the culinary world.

Come on, Miami

But, Miami needs to step it up. I cannot understand why an epicenter of culture, music, fashion and plain old cool people can’t break into the top restaurants in the country. With average sentiment scores 10+ points below all other major cities, Miami holds the bottom spot on food sentiment and restaurant quality of our entire Foodable Top 25 Cities.

This has to stop. The chef innovations here are amazing and the love of food is right up there with the love of Dwyane Wade, but this idea of innovation seems to be holding us down. Perhaps it is the pretentious attitude that we are that much better that is also just kicking our butt. Service is everything in the restaurant business and we as a city have to step this component up and in a big way. Sure we have a few great places that offer amazing service, but they are few and far between.

But, Why?

Chefs have succumbed to the trendy, hip short lived culinary concepts vs. the innovation that we see in NYC and Chicago. Even the city of New Orleans that has been on a quest to reinvent its culinary scene, that is driven by a hundred years of cajun style cooking, is scoring higher than Miami. No small feat for the weary.

But in the land of Mojitos, fake fusion and steaks, that seem to make their way to the table at a temperature that is closer to your hotel room than a broiler, we must take a step back and remember that this is our city! It is one that has a proud heritage and culture. I think that somewhere along they way– we just got caught up in our own headlines.

Lets Bring the Miami Culinary Scene to Life

Miami is a city that could be the next epicenter of food, the next culinary forward thinking city that draws chefs from around the world to enter the South Florida scene. We need a kick start to our culinary life and badly. It's time we stop leaning on a dozen operators around the city to be the torchbearers of our future. They need a hand and some chefs to stand up and remember what food is really about. It’s passion and delight, with a dash of excitement and pleasure and at the end, it embeds a memory deep inside you that you can never let go.

Unfortunately, I get to let go of those memories much to often when dining out in the Magic City. Lebron may have left our fine city, but the passion and culinary ability of the hundreds of chefs that are still here has not. It’s time to step it up.