Will Noma Be Eligible to Top the World’s 50 Best Restaurants List Yet Again This Year?

As an operator, making the decision to temporarily close your restaurant is a risky one. 

Whether its because the restaurant needs some renovations or it needs to be refresh entirely, it's often an expensive endeavor because you aren't making revenue during this time period.

In 2017, the renowned Chef René Redzepi decided to close his award-winning Copenhagen restaurant Noma to reopen the concept in a new and improved space. 

 “The point is that we dare again to fail, whereas with the old Noma, it had to be perfect," said Redzepi in June of 2017. 

The two Michelin-star restaurant has morphed into a culinary success since opening in 2003, attracting food-enthusiasts from all over the world. 

Noma has repeatedly landed on the World's 50 Best Restaurant List. The restaurant took the coveted No. 1 spot four times in 2010, 2011, 2012, and 2014. 

Right before it closed, Noma landed at No. 5 on the list in 2016 but was removed from the list in 2017 since it was close and not eligible for inclusion. 

So will the acclaimed eatery return on the list this year? 

Noma reopened in 2018 in February and the restaurant's revamp has been well-received. 

"What is on the menu at the new Noma will be for its first diners to discover, as Redzepi has kept relatively schtum before the big reveal. But what we know is that the restaurant will divide its year into three seasons and the menu will change dramatically to reflect the ingredients available," writes "The World's 50 Best Restaurants." 

The media has been buzzing about if Noma will be able to return this year, but it looks like the restaurant isn't eligible for the 2018 list either. 

"A spokesperson for World’s 50 Best reportedly confirmed to Eater that Noma’s February opening was too late to be considered for inclusion on this year’s 2018 list which will be revealed on June 19," writes "Food & Wine."

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