Will this Wheat-Based “Chicken” Nugget Be the Next Impossible Burger?

Veggie burgers like Impossible Foods' Impossible Burger and Beyond Meat's Beyond Burger are certainly on the rise.

Listen to Beyond Meat’s unique story below.

But are these burgers just the beginning? Will chicken strips and vegan filets be next?

There's so much potential in the market to develop other plant-based products mimicking meat favorites of consumers. These products appeal to the consumer looking to make eco-friendly dining choices.

With that in mind, start-up companies are developing innovative formulas to mimic the texture of real meat. By looking like something familiar, these products are much more approachable.

In 2017, Christie Lagally founded Seattle Food Tech with a goal of expanding plant-based foods like its wheat-based nuggets to the masses at universities and hospitals.

Vegan nuggets

“The philosophy behind our company is that we have to change the food system so that people can make different choices," said Lagally, who also was the Senior Scientist for the Good Food Institute.

Seattle Food Tech's plant-based"chicken" nuggets, which are expected to be ready by the end of 2019, are quick to prep and are affordable.

"Our ready-to-eat foods cook just like chicken products, so they can be a fast-serve part of your organization’s busy meal schedule," writes Seattle Food Tech on its website. "Further, we know that sharing food is an important part of community building, so at SFT our products are affordable and made at scale to ensure everyone can enjoy quick, scrumptious, plant-based meals any day of the week."

Do you think consumers are ready for the plant-based nugget? And will it be embraced like the veggie-burger?

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