Winemakers in California Prep for the Cannabis Boom

cannabis wine

As more regulations are passed across the country making cannabis legal, the potential for the market only grows.

Companies in the food and beverage industry are already gearing up to be ahead of the cannabis trend by offering either infused options with either the legal CBD non-psychoactive compound or the THC compound, both found in the marijuana plant.

In areas where marijuana isn't legal recreationally, CBD-infused treats and beverages instead are being sold.

The bar The Breslin at the Ace Hotel in New York is selling CBD brownies and cocktails. The eatery Bubby’s also in New York City has a CBD sweetener available for its coffee and cocktail beverages.

In areas when it is legal like California, cannabis fine dining has arrived.

However, there are some legal challenges when it comes to serving cannabis in dishes.

"It's easier legally to serve gourmet food with CBD than THC. But state and local laws are changing so quickly, it's tricky to keep up. Pot-focused chefs have to grapple with everything from child-proof containers to where you can actually consume your fancy edibles," writes "NPR." "California chefs interested in creating Michelin-worthy pot restaurants have been hampered, for example, by regulations forbidding customers from buying and consuming cannabis in the same place."

These regulation hurtles are the same for winemakers and winery owners and establishments selling wine in the Napa and Sonoma counties already have to abide by strict regulations prior to opening tasting rooms.

But that doesn't mean that California's wine country isn't gearing up to embrace cannabis wine infusions.

"Cannabis now comes in different THC strengths for different effects, and products are at all price points, with luxury, niche offerings in the market. In other words, the cannabis industry is going straight for the same customer base as the wine and spirits industry," writes "Wine Industry Advisor."

Cannabis-infused wine can't be sold across state lines until its legalized by the Federal government, so the market has a cap for now.

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