Xenial Serves An All-In-One Solution for Restaurants & Businesses Alike

On this episode of On Foodable: Industry Pulse, we talk to Christopher Sebes, the president of Xenial as he explains the cloud-based, full-restaurant platform solution which allows business operators to do everything necessary to run their business from one application.

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Xenial includes “everything from ordering to payroll integration, time and attendance management, inventory, labor scheduling, reporting. And, the ordering platform also includes all sorts of ordering, so that’s mobile ordering, web ordering, customization kiosk,” said Sebes. “And, Xenial doesn’t charge extra for those services.”

Something interesting about this platform is the fact that no network servers are necessary. Although all information lives in a cloud, this program will run through its apps for 30 days, even if the internet is down, on the restaurants’ existing hardware.

“It will print tickets, it can still communicate with the kitchen system, you can process your payments offline, you can close your restaurant and count your cash… You can do all the things that as a former restaurant operator, I know what you gotta be able to do in your restaurant every day to run that store…”

Xenial is currently the mobile ordering solution for Taco Bell and the company is getting ready to go into broad distribution.

To learn more about Xenial and its hardware and OS agnostic platform, check out the episode above!