The Return of the Tiki Cocktails

The Return of the Tiki Cocktails

By Carlynn Woolsey, Foodable Contributor

Summer days may be drifting away, but if you find yourself craving a fruit-filled drink or need a little taste of the tropics as temperatures wind down, you are in luck!  Tiki culture is coming back in a big way, spurred by nostalgia and bartenders– who are reincarnating the classics with craft spirits.

Tiki History

The tiki bar concept originated with a man by the name of Ernest Raymond Beaumont Gantt (who later changed his name to Donn Beach,) in the early 1930s.  Gantt spent time working as a technical advisor on film sets in the Caribbean and South Pacific as a young man.  Upon returning to Hollywood, he purchased a vacated shop off of Hollywood Boulevard, which he turned into the now iconic Don the Beachcomber bar and restaurant

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