Check Out Our "Across the Bar" Episode Featuring Bar Takito [VIDEO]

For some, the idea of Bar Takito may conjure up delicious visions of gourmet taco and mezcal pairings, but the “little sister” of Takito Kitchen is doing even bigger things in both the kitchen and behind the bar. On the cocktail front, Adam Weber—like any great professional drinkologist—is constantly flexing his mixology muscles to learn, discover, and thus create new inventions. New drinks on the menu take about a month to six weeks to refine, he says.

In a recent episode of “Across the Bar,” where we hit bars and breweries across the country to find hidden gems and ingenious creations from leading mixologists, brewers, and beverage directors, Weber makes us three cocktails we’ve never drank or even seen before. The ingredient that ties them all together? Tea.

Tea-infused cocktails have been made more popular throughout the past couple of years, but have you ever drank an Old Fashioned with tequila and tea? Another invention Weber pulls out of his sleeve is a “boozewashed” rum daiquiri, where the astringency of the combination of black tea and chilled rum is removed by a curdling method using the proteins found in milk. 

Watch the full episode below to get a firsthand look at these never-before-seen cocktails, made especially for us!

5 Food Industry Trends Missed by Forecasters for 2015, Pt. 1

5 Food Industry Trends Missed by Forecasters for 2015, Pt. 1

By Suzy Badaracco, Foodable Industry Expert

When combing through the 210 Top 10 lists for 2015 offered up by trends forecasters, several gaps appeared. Forecasts for 2015 fell into distinct patterns with either the same predictions named again and again or general predictions offered, like “sustainable,” which are utterly useless to consumers and the industry in the end.  

To understand why food and flavor trends are born, or step into the spotlight for any given year, one must also understand their surrounding Couriers and influencers. A Courier acts to shuttle a trend in from a neighboring focus, while an influencer can be seen as an ally to a trend. Consumer, health, and technology trends impact and shift trends that are expressed in the food industry. They move as a dance — when one arena experiences a shift, the other areas will shift in response. Without understanding what is influencing a food, flavor or beverage trend, you have little hope of predicting where it will go next. And that is the difference between tracking trends and forecasting them.

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