How Uptown 21 Is Driving Lunch Business

sandwiches .png

When it comes to dining habits, no matter what’s trending or what season it is, we know two things to be undeniably true: Lunch is (and will always be) a difficult daypart for restaurants because of so much competition, and for the mere fact that it’s the daypart when consumers dine out most. Another truth bomb: Most people, by human nature, want to feel exclusive. When it comes to a deadline — say, an limited-time offer item on a menu or a lunch special within a certain timeframe — it’s easier to make a decision based around it because to get it, we must act quickly before it runs out.

Nick and Nat’s Uptown 21 in Ontario is putting both of these ideas together to build lunch business. Known as “Brown Bag Friday,” owner Nick says they decided to put a fun spin on their most popular menu item, sandwiches. To narrow it down further (because consumers sometimes actually like not having so many options), he decided on pastrami. Every Friday, the team makes 100 pastrami sandwiches from scratch and at noon, guests start piling in. The catch: when they’re gone, they’re gone. Read More