Indian Street Food Company Takes Tipping Out of the Equation

As previously mentioned, tipping has been a hot topic surrounding the restaurant industry as of late. While once thought to be a cultural staple, few notable restaurateurs have already put “no tipping” policies in place, and the topic is now making waves in the public spotlight.

As BlogTo recently pointed out, tipping is actually a rather foreign concept in places outside of Canada and the U.S. And now, it’s trickling into national borders. In fact, most recently, the Indian Street Food Company (formerly Amaya Indian Room) will be going tip-free in its Bayview location. The reason? To even out wage fairness amongst back-of-house staff. He’ll begin paying all employees more money, using 10 percent of his revenue to pay employees higher wages. On the guest-facing side of things, a 12 percent admin fee will be added to each bill. Read More