The One Simple Thing Chefs Are Doing to Reduce Food Waste

food waste.jpg

They say one man’s trash is another man’s treasure. But when it comes to the masses, especially brought to the dinner plate, the sentiment is up to the individual, which has the power to obviously affect sales.

Local restaurant owners are digging into the idea of “garbage-to-plate dining” as a solution to deflect from food waste, an industry problem that has been building up over the years, but getting the spotlight more recently. Of course, chefs wouldn’t actually be reusing ingredients thrown in the garbage, but are finding alternate ways to make use of all parts. 

The nose-to-tail concept is a great example of this, with a wave of more chefs following ethical guidelines to ensure no part of an animal is put to waste. But popping up more recently, we are seeing this mentality shift to produce as well. Where once it was not “acceptable” to use imperfect-looking vegetables, for example, restaurants and chefs are now incorporating them, understanding that the taste is what truly matters. Read More