The Truth About Those High Alcohol Prices at Your Favorite Canadian Establishment

wine pour.png

No thanks to provincial liquor laws, most restaurant and bar owners are paying the same amount or higher for beer, wine, and spirits as the diners themselves. According to a recent report on the matter, 8 out of 10 provinces are paying face-value rates as consumers.

Not only does this affect restaurant profits, it also puts a damper on selection. Think about it: if you have to dish out a lot of money for each wine bottle, why would you choose to buy many different varieties to put on your menu knowing there’s only a thin margin to get your return on investment? Or even worse, losing money because of it? Plus, each menu option requires multiple bottles to ensure inventory is stocked accordingly. 

Limited selection of wine, beer, and spirits, of course, could deter some diners from returning to your establishment. And overall, it most definitely affects customers’ dining experiences as a whole. Read More