[VIDEO] On Foodable Side Dish: Digging Into Vancouver's Food Truck Scene

It’s been almost six years since Michelle Ng founded Vancouver Foodie Tours in 2010, a business that stemmed from her passion for food and people. But Jane’s Walk was the catalyst. “They’re a non-profit organization and they were looking for people to host walks around Vancouver…so I contacted them and said, ‘Why don’t I offer some food tours for you?’”

“The street food scene in Vancouver… it is a scene that’s full of gourmet food trucks utilizing a lot of local ingredients, oftentimes organic,” says Ng. “And they’re all supportive of the local food artisans, which I think is great.”

One of these gourmet trucks is Soho Road, a mobile concept that delivers authentic Indian street food — and even has a tandoor oven on board. Its name, says Soho Road’s owner Sarb Mund, was inspired by a road in England.

“We couldn’t find a great curry here anywhere, so we thought that the coolest thing to do was [to] be able to showcase a tandoor oven, have it on the street, and have everyone be able to enjoy it like we do,” says Mund. Soho Road specializes in naan kebabs.

Mund says one of Soho Road’s menu standouts is the butter chicken, a naan kebab that’s not been done anywhere else, as far as he is aware.

“Our mission overall is just to make sure that everyone gets that amazing bite,” Mund says. “You definitely don’t sacrifice quality when you have street food. You can find some of the best food on the street in Vancouver.”