Montreal's Food Truck Management Costs to Double

The food truck scene has, literally, been on a roll. Consumers get an experience like none other — they can hop from nation to nation, culture to culture, ethnic cuisine to ethnic cuisine by hopping from trailer to trailer. There is a world of food right at their fingertips, that can all be enjoyed walking around with friends, not being confined to a table.

But while the number of trucks of exploded, with already-established ones expanding their schedules and operating more hours, the cost to manage the city's food trucks has exploded with it. According to a report in "La Presse," the bill will go up more than twofold.

The City of Montreal paid Conseils Atelya, the firm managing these mobile busineses, $57,000, and is set to pay $120,000 this year. What will this mean for operators, brand leaders, consumers and taxpayers? Read More