Toronto Restaurateurs Perfecting No-Tipping Systems

The long-held custom of tipping restaurant servers is under scrutiny across North America – to conflicting reviews.

Whether or not you hold strongly to the tradition of tipping , you can’t deny one Toronto restaurateur’s interesting, and (so far) successful, solution.

The brainchild, which strives to change the wage discrepancy between front- and back-of-house staff, is that of Indian Street Food Co. owner Hemant Bhagwani.

The theory is simple. Bhagwani charges a 12 percent administration fee for the purpose of dividing among staff from the front of the house to the back. This is how the wages shake out: $25 to $30 an hour for servers and bartenders; $21 to $25 an hour for dishwashers and cooks.

This system, and others like it, are far from perfect, but are not taken lightly. And, so far, they seem to be working. Read more