Asian-Canadian Chefs Changing How Vancouver Experiences Asian Cuisine

Asian Food

Montreal is known for being Canada’s capital of food, but in Vancouver, Asian-Canadian chefs are shaking up the culinary scene.

Young guns like Curtis Luk, Jack Chen, Clement Chan, Alex Chen, and Angus An are changing the way Canadians see and experience Asian food.

Luk, a Season 2 Top Chef Canada winner who tells the South China Morning Post (SCMP) he is “endlessly fascinated” with the techniques and ingredients of Chinese cuisine, runs a Western Canada-focused restaurant featuring seasonal tasting menus that use local ingredients.

"I believe we excel at East Asian cuisines with a fun and casual spin, but, ultimately, the strength is in the mid-priced dining options of all nationalities,” Luk told SCMP. "Although I don't necessarily look at the ethnicity of our clientele, a large portion of our customers are of Cantonese or Asian descent. When I walk through the dining room, I hear Cantonese being spoken and I do appreciate their support of a restaurant that is very much in the style and philosophy of west coast Canada.”

Chan, who represented Canada in the World Culinary Olympics and has been named national chef of the year, serves authentic pan-Asian fare at Torafuku, with dishes that represent bold flavors traditionally found in Korean, Vietnamese, Taiwanese and Japanese cuisine. Read more