BarChef Brings Unique Drinking Experience to Toronto

Across the Bar” host and Foodable founder Paul Barron has been cruising North America in pursuit of the best in creative cocktails. What and who he found in Toronto defy imagination.

Barron interviewed Frankie Solarik at BarChef, which is described as Solarik’s lab for culinary concoctions known as cocktails, but not of the familiar sort.

Why would the cocktails be familiar when the people making them are anything but typical. Unlike a typical bar, Solarik works with a team of chefs (yes chefs, not bartenders) to hone his artistic approach to spirits.

Inspiration for Solarik’s creations strikes, well, whenever it strikes. It might be while taking his dog in the park (inspiring the drink Night Blossom) or it could be the winter snow or spring thaw.