Cinara Represents in Top Dish Round Two Vancouver


In the second of this three-part mini-series, we find ourselves in Vancouver visiting Chef Lucais Syme at Cinara, where traditional European cooking techniques meet unique twists and turns.

The Italian-inspired bistro takes pride in its modern, seasonal, local cuisine and house-made favorites — like the bread made in-house for the anchovy toast and the rabbit loin wrapped with house-made bacon, both featured in this episode, as well as pastas, preserves, and cheeses.

"We only use pristine ingredients.  Much of it right outside of our doorstep, and we pair it with a lot of care, a lot of heart, and simplicity," Syme said in this episode of "Top Dish". "We like to use ingredients locally and the philosophy of Italy to make our cuisine…I don't like to overcomplicate. I believe each ingredient should sing and no ingredient should be placed with incongruent ingredients."

So what did Mijune Pak, founder of Follow Me Foodie and Vancouver native think of our contender?

Well, the cuisine queen absolutely loved Syme’s no-waste approach to the rabbit prep, incorporating everything from the liver to the kidneys.

How will this feedback impact the final score? Stay tuned for part three when "Top Dish" visits Toronto and the final results are revealed.