La Petite Maison Competes in Top Dish Montreal


It’s an exciting time in Canada, as three top restaurants — one in Montreal, one in Vancouver, and one in Toronto — compete to reveal who has the best dish.

The restaurants in Foodable’s “Top Dish” mini-series were chosen based on current consumer data that ultimately resulted in  Canada’s Top 25 Restaurants list, which is based on unstructured data from Foodable Labs. The Index tracks more than 200,000 restaurants and brands, and calculates data based on the mass social audience across multiple markets and countries.

In this episode, La Petite Maison chef/owner Danny St. Pierre presents what he describes as a breakfast pasta carbonara, which includes braising, brining, and smoking ham shoulder.

But don’t be fooled. This is no ordinary carbonara.

“Because I’m adding a bit of cream in it,” St. Pierre explains. “It’s more like a blanquette.”

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