Richmond Station Serving Up Relatable Food and Hospitality

Steak dinner

A concept that started as a “good space” between two parking garages next to a “crack park” is making its mark in Toronto.

In this Table 42 Vignette, Chef and Co-owner of Downtown Toronto’s Richmond Station Carl Heinrich describes how this nose-to-tail, farm-to-table restaurant operates.

“The way we buy food is a little different. When we want to write the menu, we call a farmer…[we] don’t call ourselves a farm-to-table restaurant, but we are,” Heinrich, who is also the winner of Season 2 of Top Chef Canada, explains. “We buy food directly from people that grow it, and we take a lot of pride in the relationship we have with our (50) suppliers.”

Heinrich admits that the food the restaurant serves is not new or cutting edge, but it is food that people can relate to. People can also related to the service the restaurant provides. In fact, Heinrich contends that it is this hospitality that keeps guests coming back.

“We’re not playing with techniques that nobody’s ever heard of.  We are cooking my Grandmother’s food,” he said.  “It’s our ability to go above and beyond…and really push it to make sure you are really well taken care of…and I think that drives people to come back.”

Highlights from the self-described ingredient focused, technique driven menu range from shareable plates like duck liver pate on pretzel toast, tuna tartare with hukarei turnip, and smoked trout hushpuppies to main dishes like rabbit with corn puree and ramp dumplings, Cornish hen with chickpea panisse, and lobster capellini with red pepper rouille.