Toronto’s Culinary Landscape in One Word: Diverse


Toronto is a culinary force to be reckoned with. Known as the “New York of Canada,” Toronto has attracted a diverse pool of chefs — all with their own set of locally and globally influenced cuisine.

Whether street food or fine dining, small plates or rotating menus, Toronto has it all from Brazilian to Cuban to Korean to Southern barbecue. Touted as the “City of Neighborhoods,” Toronto’s 200 neighborhoods are serving up culture from Greektown to Little Portugal and Little India.  

Toronto’s diverse culinary landscape has attracted some internationally renowned chefs and restaurateurs like David Chang, Jamie Oliver, and Mario Batali. And then there’s the local talent: Grant van Gameren (Bar Isabel, Bar Raval); Scott Vivian and Rachelle Cadwell (Beast); Bertrand Alépée (The Tempered Room); Ezra Title (Chez Vous Dining); and Graham Pratt (The Gabardine) are just some notable examples.

“Our population demographic is changing so quickly and we’ve always had open arms to the entire world to come and be part of our country,” Donna Dooher, president and CEO of Restaurants Canada, told Foodable. “And, unlike being a melting pot, the diversity still stays, so not only do we have communities and neighborhoods, we also have the heritage of those people who are coming from different countries to live here with us.”

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