What’s Behind Bar Raval’s Ambiance Factor?

 @bar_raval, Instagram

@bar_raval, Instagram

Great food and service are cornerstones in restaurant operations, but with increasingly stiff competition, it’s just not enough. Restaurants must have that something extra to keeps guests coming back.

Bar Raval has just that “it” factor when it comes to ambiance, thanks to Toronto-based architecture and design studio Partisans Projects.

Bar Raval chef/owner Grant van Gameren knew he wanted to work with wood and an experimental Art Nouveau style when it came to the interior design of his new restaurant.

Alex Josephson, co-founder of Partisans, describes the mahogany woodwork at Bar Raval as a 3D tattoo, where “the textures of the wood are relationship to muscle.”

Go behind the scenes in this Side Dish episode to see how the Partisans team reinvented a new way of carving wood and reinterpreted Art Nouveau.