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Vegan Named the Top Trend of 2018 According to 80 Chefs

Vegan dishes are no longer attractive to eaters who only eat a vegetarian diet that excludes meat, eggs, dairy products and all other animal-derived ingredients. Meat-eaters are gravitating to vegan dishes too. These dishes are also much more sustainable, making them attractive to those eco-friendly diners. 

Trends to Expect in 2018 for Food Industry

Every year, the landscape seems to alter within the restaurant industry and the transition from 2017 to 2018, is shaping up to be no different. This past year also continued with more food and beverage transparency; including the use of more organic, sustainable, and locally sourced product. 

Hampton Creek Introduces Egg Alternative

The vegan-food startup Hampton Creek is introducing the first plant-based product that mimics the beloved scrambled egg. The “Just Scramble” is made of mung bean protein, canola oil, water and salt and took the company five years to develop the right recipe. Hampton is catering the product to omelet-lovers...

Seafood is the Most Improved Protein Option by Millennials for 2018

Sourcing protein has become a complex challenge. Sourcing protein has become a complex challenge. As an operator, finding the right product for your menu takes time and energy. We pulled Foodable Labs data on 11.8 million food influencers to see which proteins they are gravitating to.

How Hosting Events At Your Restaurant Can Generate An Additional Revenue

These are the three key ingredients required to host an exclusive or intimate type event at any venue. Whether you have the capacity for 20 or 200 guests, there is an opportunity to generate awareness, revenue, and repeat customers by becoming known within your community for being the ‘best host in town’.

Win Tailgating Season With These Chef-Inspired Recipes

Tailgating is not done the same way your father and grandpa used to do it back in their day. Modern tailgating is more than just grilling cheap burgers and cracking a few beers open behind the trunk of your neighbor's pickup truck. Now, it's about who can throw the most elaborate pre-game celebration with gourmet food options.

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Expert Column

6 Steps Towards Solving the Chef Shortage Problem

By Doug Radkey, Industry Expert

It’s no secret.

I think we’ve all heard by now that there’s a “shortage of qualified cooks and chefs” across North America, the U.K. and Australia specifically. If you’re not experiencing it first hand as an operator or chef, you’ve surely read one of the numerous articles on why it’s happened.

How big is the problem? It’s got to the point now where we’re seeing operators offer financial incentives to the general public who refer a chef to them.  We've got to be realistic and address these issues now before it’s too late!

Before we go yelling about ‘millennials’ again, we can’t blame them wholeheartedly for this one. Owning a restaurant has become easier since the economy recovered and establishments are opening at a rate that the pool of qualified cooks just can’t keep up with.

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