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Celebrity Chef John Tesar's Knife Burger to Open at New Food Hall

Food halls, in general, are becoming wildly popular. Well, Fort Worth, Tex. is the next lucky city with development plans in place to create an exciting food hall in Crockett Row at West 7th. Its star eatery will be celebrity chef John Tesar’s third Knife Burger concept, ranked No. 1 in Texas and No. 6 in the nation by "Thrillist."

Graffiti Earth: Reducing Food Waste One Dish at a Time

In this episode of “Sustain,” we learn about the buy-ugly movement through the eyes of Chef Jehangir Mehta, a world-renowned chef who explores ways to reduce his food wastage footprint. He attributes his innate ability to find the best ways to reduce waste to being from a third-world country, like India.

Danny Meyer Is Looking To Invest $220 Million In Culture-Rich, Innovative Companies

Union Square Hospitality Group (USHG) has raised $220 million for a private equity fund that will invest in 10 to 15 fast casual restaurant concepts, hospitality-facing technology companies and other businesses that share the hospitality group CEO’s employee-centric values.

Anthony Bourdain Addresses this Massive Problem in the Industry

The food waste problem isn't only impacting the U.S. and restaurants, it also affects supermarkets, farms, and cafeterias all over the world. Anthony Bourdain, who has made a name for himself as a chef, author, and television personality, has a new project in the works that will expose the food waste challenge to the masses. 

Spice Up Your Fall Dishes with World Flavors

The fall season has landed upon us and it is the perfect chance to think of new ways of incorporating world flavors into your menu, at least, according to our industry expert Brian Murphy. “The increased desire for world flavors provide an excellent opportunity to experiment with different spices,” said Murphy.

A Peek Inside the World of Cannabis Fine Dining from a 420 Chef

A chef is making a name for himself by doing private events and pop-up dinners with cannabis cuisine. We sat down with Jeff The 420 Chef, also dubbed the “Julia Child of Weed,” to hear his unique story, learn about the cannabis fine dining trend, and understand the current challenges the cannabis industry is experiencing.

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Expert Column

6 Steps Towards Solving the Chef Shortage Problem

By Doug Radkey, Industry Expert

It’s no secret.

I think we’ve all heard by now that there’s a “shortage of qualified cooks and chefs” across North America, the U.K. and Australia specifically. If you’re not experiencing it first hand as an operator or chef, you’ve surely read one of the numerous articles on why it’s happened.

How big is the problem? It’s got to the point now where we’re seeing operators offer financial incentives to the general public who refer a chef to them.  We've got to be realistic and address these issues now before it’s too late!

Before we go yelling about ‘millennials’ again, we can’t blame them wholeheartedly for this one. Owning a restaurant has become easier since the economy recovered and establishments are opening at a rate that the pool of qualified cooks just can’t keep up with.

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