Dominique Crenn

Dominique Crenn

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With a list of achievements almost too numerous to mention, it’s no surprise that Dominique Crenn has secured a place on this list. As the winner of The World’s 50 Best “World’s Best Female Chef” title and the first woman in the U.S. to secure two Michelin stars, Dominique has seen her profile rise steadily since she first arrived in San Francisco in 1988. 

In addition to being the first female executive chef in Indonesia’s history at Jakarta’s Intercontinental Hotel, Dominique also won Esquire’s “Chef of the Year” award in 2008, the Iron Chef America competition in 2012, and the WCR Golden Whisk Award in 2016. 

Dominique currently owns and operates Atelier Crenn in San Francisco’s Cow Hollow district, known for its minimalist yet complex dishes like fluke over tarragon ice served with sea-cucumber dashi and pickled Asian pears and spot prawn broth. In 2015, Crenn opened Petit Crenn, a bistro that serves as an homage to her grandmother’s cooking and home in Brittany, France. Petit Crenn serves as the counterbalance to Atelier Crenn’s stark offerings with a vibrant, daring menu that changes daily.

Top Dishes

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Specialties & Resources

Dominique is recognized for her minimalist, ego-free approach to her craft, blending her unique take on French and global cuisine with the artistic stylings of her late father to create dishes that provide a transcendent experience. 

In 2011, Dominique opened Atelier Crenn, a playground of sorts that allows her to express her artistic nature in her food. Her commitment to sustainability and the local community have endeared her to San Francisco as well as afforded her the opportunity to take the art of cooking in entirely new directions.

In 2015, Dominique opened Petit Crenn; less experimental in nature than its forebear, Petit Crenn is grounded in the home cooking atmosphere and menu that Dominique remembers so fondly as a staple of time spent with her grandmother as a child. Though Petit Crenn is considered the yang to Atelier Crenn’s yin in terms of their approach to the culinary arts, the thin strand of traditionalism in Petit Crenn’s menu is underpinned by the artistic streak that has become Dominique’s trademark. The menu changes daily to reflect the resources available in the local community, highlighting Dominique’s desire to provide two separate but equally fulfilling experiences to her guests.