Edward Sura

Edward Sura

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Growing up on a farm might be the chef equivalent to Michael Jordan learning how to play basketball on a dirt court- you get a chance to hone your skills in a way that other people simply don’t consider. Edward Sura is a great example of this. Born and raised on a farm in Michigan, Edward’s culinary style was shaped by the necessity of having to use the ingredients available to him to create classic, rustic dishes; this approach to cooking has served him well in his career.

After graduating from the Great Lakes Culinary Institute, Edward worked in Traverse City, MI under Executive Chef Ted Cizma before moving to Chicago to further his dreams. Edward’s next move was to Chicago, where he worked as the executive chef under another member of this list, Graham Elliot before moving to Perennial Virant as executive chef. Edward’s star has continued to rise, and he was a semifinalist for this year’s James Beard Foundation “Rising Chef” award.

Now at NoMI in the Park Hyatt Chicago hotel, Edward has continued his professional quest to bring that same farmland approach to his cooking, and every restaurant he’s touched has been better for it. We look forward to hearing his name a lot in the coming years.

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Edward’s approach to cooking hinges on the concept of simplicity. While there is always a temptation for chefs to dazzle their guests with off-the-wall creations that will be memorable for their presentation and audacity, Edward focuses on making the best dish possible with the available ingredients.

At Perennial Virant, this ethos resulted in menu items such as local lettuces with basil pesto, croutons, fresh chevre, pickled tomato vinaigrette and fennel; green acres beet salad with grilled peaches, blueberry aigre-doux vinaigrette and burrata; roasted broccoli salad with pickled carrot, feta, mint and chickpea crisp; linguine with smoked eggplant puree, roasted cherry tomatoes, basil, pickled hot peppers and parmesan; whole grilled rainbow trout with brussels sprouts, braised turnips, mustard horseradish vinaigrette and fried sage; and smoked pork shoulder with baked beans, sweet corn chow chow, cherry tomatoes and texas toast.

At NoMI, Edward has contributed to a menu that includes items such as sweet corn soup with chorizo, apple and butter crackers; tomato salad with marinated melon, burrata, jalapeno, cilantro and mint; prosciutto beignets with smoked apple butter, dunbarton blue and arugula; diver scallops with fennel puree, grape aigre-doux, and smoked sea salt; eggplant cannelloni with pickled mushroom, ricotta, pistachio-basil gremolata and mushroom reduction; and cornmeal-crusted pork loin with polenta, swiss chard, grilled onions and glazed baby carrots.