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Giorgio Rapicavoli

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The term “stoner food” might seem ambiguous (after all, isn’t all food technically stoner food?), but Giorgio Rapicavoli has elevated this particular style of cuisine to an art form unto itself. Depending on your thoughts on prenatal learning, you could make the argument that Giorgio’s culinary education started before he was even born; after all, while his mother was pregnant with him, she would watch hours upon hours of cooking shows. And after Giorgio was born, his two can’t-miss programs were “Sesame Street” and Julia Child’s shows.

At the age of 14, Giorgio convinced the manager of the restaurant where he worked as a busboy to let him work in the kitchen while still paying him busboy wages. His education continued with a short stint at Johnson & Wales’ culinary school, then in the Coral Gables, Florida restaurant scene. In 2012, Giorgio appeared on “Chopped” and, to nobody’s surprise, won the $10,000 prize. Giorgio rejected a New York Chef’s offer to move up north and work in his kitchen, choosing instead to use the prize money to start his first restaurant, Eating House.

Now, as the head chef and co-owner of Eating House and the now-closed Taperia Raca, Giorgio is working hard to fulfill his vision of taking the Miami culinary scene to new levels, starting with the aforementioned stoner food (for example, Tang mimosas and Captain Crunch pancakes with milk syrup). 

Top Dishes

local stracciatella w/ raw sunchokes, hazelnut & @caoliveranch olive oil

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octopus w/ coconut milk grits, black garlic, burnt onion & bonito @eating_house

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oyster mushroom w/ salsa anticuchera, onion pickle & chive oil @eating_house

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local stracciatella w/ broccoli floret 'salsa verde' & grilled stems @eating_house

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Specialties & Resources

Giorgio wholeheartedly rejects the notion that the preparation and presentation are the most important elements of his dishes; as he puts it, “You don’t need to know about all of the process.” Instead, Giorgio chooses to focus on the finished product and making it as delicious as it is unexpected.

At Eating House, offerings include marinated olives with orange peel, garlic, and California olive ranch olive oil; heirloom tomatoes with thai fish sauce, peanut, ginger, and frozen coconut milk; stracciatella with Jerusalem artichoke, toasted hazelnut, mint and sherry; grilled broccoli stems with broccoli floret salsa verde, roasted lime and cotija; oyster mushrooms with salsa anticuchera, chive oil, aji panca and onion brine; tiradito with mango leche de tigre, raw Calabaza, jalapeno and lime; fried free range chicken with buttermilk waffles, maple, candied bacon and hot sauce; pasta carbonara with black truffle, Applewood bacon, egg yolk and grana Padano; green rice with green vegetables, soft egg, smoked yogurt and kale chip; halibut with brown butter-miso, creamed corn and corn cob dashi; 420-minute braised short ribs with roasted sunchokes, charred onion and caramelized squash; and duck breast with grilled Treviso, red grape salad and pistachio praline.