Jamie DeRosa

Jamie DeRosa

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Like many chefs on this list, Jamie DeRosa was introduced to the world of cooking at a very young age. In fact, Jamie recalls making his very first paella at the age of 7 (with his grandmother’s assistance, of course). After attending culinary school at Johnson & Wales University in Miami, Jamie worked with legendary chefs like Allen Susser and Wolfgang Puck, and Mark Peel. It was at Peel’s famous restaurant Campanile that Jamie perfected the style that has served him so well over the years: a blend of modern cooking styles with European culinary techniques. The result was one of the earliest “farm-to-table” restaurants in the United States, and it brought Jamie to Patina restaurant as the executive chef.

After a tour of China to hone his skills in international cuisine, Jamie opened Taste Gastropub in 2009 with Susser. Taste, known for its blend of fine dining and a convivial pub atmosphere, was an immediate success, and following up on that, Jamie opened Izzy’s Fish & Oyster in Miami in September 2015. Izzy’s has been a rousing success, and its New England-themed take on seafood is a welcome departure from the norm for Florida diners.

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Many chefs strive to evoke feelings in their dishes, but there are very few who evoke the feeling of being in a seaside New England town as masterfully as Jamie. At Izzy’s, his main focus is naturally on the bounty of the ocean, and the menu at Izzy’s showcases Jamie’s vast array of culinary skills gleaned from his years of traveling and training under legendary chefs.

The menu at Izzy’s demonstrates the many ways in which Jamie is able to approach his dishes. Offerings include sugar snap pea salad with grana Padano cheese, mint and marcona almonds; stuffed clams with linguica and Old Bay butter; Maryland blue crab cake with vegetable cole slaw and Florida arugula; lobster poutine with waffle fries, cave-aged cheddar and smoked bacon; linguine with blistered tomato, sherry butter and orange; and the local catch of the day with fennel & citrus salad and salsa verde.

Though Jamie’s focus is currently on the bounty of the sea, it’s clear that with his training and the extensive travel he has done, he is capable of creating a variety of dishes in a multitude of styles.