Jeremy Fox

Jeremy Fox

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Jeremy Fox’s career trajectory could most easily be described as a tale of redemption, but to put it in those terms would be reductive and frankly insulting to the amount of hard work he has put in. Best known for his vegetable-based creations at Napa’s Ubuntu, Jeremy received rave reviews during his tenure in the kitchen but found the lifestyle unsustainable.

After backing away from the limelight for a little while, Jeremy decided to reinvent himself and recalibrate his approach to cooking. Not wanting to continue his habit of having two- or three-day marathon sessions in the kitchen, Jeremy joined the team at Rustic Canyon in Santa Monica, and his reputation as a talented and inventive chef helped raise expectations for the restaurant. Jeremy has been thrice nominated for a James Beard Foundation award for “Best Chef: West,” was named Food & Wine magazine’s “Best New Chef” in 2008, and received a slew of other accolades. Since Jeremy’s arrival, Rustic Canyon has earned the top spot in the Los Angeles Times’ “Jonathan Gold’s 101 Best Restaurants,” and Jeremy’s star continues to rise. Jeremy’s inclusion on this list should come as no surprise, and his is a name we’ll be sure to hear for years to come.

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At Ubuntu, Jeremy gained a level of fame in the culinary world for his unique and surprising approach to fruit- and vegetable-based dishes, using unconventional ingredients like arugula flowers, fava leaves and mustard flowers to coax out bold, unexpected flavors from his dishes.

At Rustic Canyon, Jeremy has dialed back some of his more avant-garde choices, though he insists those ingredients were always selected in service of making a better dish and not creativity for creativity’s sake. Don’t be fooled, though- Jeremy’s creative mind is still hard at work. Offerings include olives marinated in fennel, garlic & orange; pork pate en croute with preserves, beer mustard & pickles; homemade focaccia with raisins, burrata & beet molasses; chicories with pear, walnut vinaigrette & cheddar; steak tartare with celery, horseradish & egg yolk bottarga; grilled honey nut squash with anchovy, capers, garlic & ricotta; ricotta dumplings puttanesca with tomato, chili, bread crumbs and basil; flatiron steak with spigarello, Romanesco & marrow jus; local striped bass with cranberry bean stew, tomato, olive & lemon; polenta with ricotta & king trumpet mushrooms; and fried potatoes and sunchokes with chicken gravy & capers.