Mark Garcia

Mark Garcia

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There are a lot of chefs who can be considered “rock stars” in their field, but only one has literally written the book on how to be a rock star chef: Mark Garcia. Not only is Mark an excellent chef in his own right (in fact, he graduated with honors from the Culinary Institute of America), but he is also one of the foremost authorities on branding and entrepreneurship in the culinary world.

Mark has traveled the country as a keynote speaker, and his talks focus largely on leadership, teamwork, social media use and branding innovation. Over the course of his 20-plus year career, Mark has worked at resort hotels, casual and fine dining establishments, food manufacturers, and grocery retailers, and his knowledge of the culinary industry extends end-to-end. Mark currently serves as the Director of Food Service for the Avocados from Mexico brand, and Avocados from Mexico recently secured a brand partnership deal with Reinhart’s Good Roots Produce.

When not cooking, Mark can be found delivering speeches on the importance of branding, entrepreneurial spirit and how chefs can set themselves apart from the competition in the fast-paced world of digital culinary marketing. 

Top Dishes

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Specialties & Resources

Because Mark’s focus is more on the business side of the culinary industry, he does not currently work in a particular kitchen. However, Mark has created dishes for multiple outlets such as Chef’s Roll, Avocados from Mexico, and others. Mark’s culinary style is designed to be visually appealing while adhering to traditional cooking styles, and he has trained in a variety of cuisines.

Mark’s specialties include carnita towers with avocado green marble; roast pork tenderloin with red, yellow and green tomatoes; a light whipped mousse parfait with peanuts, chocolate pretzels and caramel; apple turnover biscuits served with a fruit compote; traditional Mexican tamales wrapped in corn husks and served with egg, chorizo and salsa roja; cored pomegranate with dark chocolate and mint; roasted lamb shank with plantains and cinnamon; fried egg with rosemary and sage over red salsa and grilled bread; traditional chicken and waffles; pork osso bucco with a carrot glaze and mashed potatoes; and breaded flounder with sunflower seeds, peppers, tomatoes and broccoli.