Patricia Quintana

Patricia Quintana

Though the gastronomic trend has swept the nation in recent years, it has largely been confined to contemporary American or French dishes. But Patricia Quintana has perfect a less-heralded (but equally important) wrinkle to this cooking style: Mexican gastronomy. Trained in Canada, Switzerland and France, Patricia gained a deep and complete understanding of gastronomy before applying it to the traditional Mexican dishes on which she was raised.

And while many chefs focus solely on their creations in the kitchen, Patricia has proven herself to be an astute businesswoman, creating the “Gavilla” line of kitchen products and serving as the Culinary Director of the Mexican Aviation Board. Patricia is also Mexico’s Global Culinary Ambassador, and she received the “Silver Spoon” award from Food Arts magazine, the “Golden Laurel” from the Spanish-Mexican Association, and “Restaurateur of the Year” from Mexico’s CANIRAC committee.

Finally, Patricia has also authored 13 books on Mexican cuisine and how it has shaped her life, including some specialty books on Mexican seafood dishes and how to run an efficient kitchen. Based on her continued success, it seems obvious that Patricia is worthy of a place on this list, and hers is a name we’re sure to be hearing for many more years to come.

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As a result of her embrace of Mexican gastronomy, Patricia’s dishes are a blend of traditional Mexican fare with a more modern twist. At her most recent restaurant, El Izote de Patricia Quintana in Mexico City, Patricia endeavored to showcase the diverse culinary approaches of each of Mexico’s regions.

Offerings included crusty bread and yellow tortillas with a vibrant salsa trio of spicy serrano and onion and jalapeno and tomato; ceviche a la naranja agria (snapper strips marinated in Seville orange and lime juice, served with burnt habanero salsa mixed with olive oil); sweet jumbo shrimp with hibiscus mole sauce, dried hibiscus flowers, tamarind paste and tamarind powder; Mexican-style vermicelli with pork rinds crusted with ancho chili; steamed pork shank; spot prawns with achiote sauce, black beans and onions; ceviche with crab and pomegranate juice; steamed fish on a huitlacoche tamale with smoked jalapeno and dried jalapeno sauces; bean soup with tortilla strips, avocado, guajillo, Mexican cream and crumbled cheese; pork and beef with a seasonal fruit, a white walnut sauce, and fresh pomegranate seeds; empanadas stuffed with cheese, chile and tomatoes; pork-skin tacos with salsa verde, and blue corn masa filled with ricotta cheese and steamed in a banana leaf.