What's Bubbling in the Beverage Industry?

In this episode of "On Foodable Insight Series," joining host Bill Bender are Nick Fosberg, senior manager for Program Compliance at the National Restaurant Association, and Rachel Speckan, the national wine director of City Winery. Fosberg is known as one of the highest-paid marketing and promotional consultants in the bar and restaurant industry, unintentionally becoming a marketing junkie. Speckan has traveled extensively and possesses a global understanding of various wine flavor profiles. 

The Pop Up of Craft Soda: How a Big Brand's Smaller Focus Makes a Giant Impact

A CDC study revealed that one in three American consumers drink soda every day. Major brand sodas have a relatively high consumer sentiment score of 78.12 out of 100, as shown in a recent Foodable Labs report. Still, there’s no denying that the soda industry has to rethink its strategies to avoid a complete fizz out. How? By offering more options in terms of premium ingredients. And what new beverage segment does just that? Two words: craft soda.

soda cocktail

How Soda Mocktails Are the Coolest Trend to Quench Consumer Demand

Coke and rum are not an uncommon combination, but are soda mocktails ready to grace craft cocktail menus at respectable cocktail bars? We've seen craft soda take a more prominent role in the beverage segment — will this non-alcoholic mix-up be the next thing to shake and stir the industry?  Bartenders have caught on to the natural ingredient trend, and with soda sales declining, is this the new way to win consumers back? Check out how these recipes are quenching the thirst for knowledge.

More Than Popcorn: iPic Theaters Brings Dining to the Movies!

In this episode, we're going to the movies! And pop corn and hot dogs are no longer the only staples you'll see at the big screens — major movie theater chains have been ramping up the culinary level in cinema, bringing in elements of fine dining for a flavorful food experience as high-definition as the films guests are watching. 

Coffee Demand at an All-Time High. Supply? Not So Much

U.S. demand for coffee is at an all-time high. In fact, consumption of hot coffee will be 6.8 pounds per capita in the United States, according to Euromonitor International. The proliferation of coffee shops and the cold brew market have expanded the attractiveness of the industry. In fact, four out of five consumers now drink coffee.

&pizza Serves Up a Fresh Slice of Innovation

In this episode of Fast Casual Nation, Paul Barron visits &pizza in Washington, D.C., to sit with &pizza founder Michael Lastoria, who tells us why he chose the pizza space as his fourth startup business (and first restaurant brand), how his branding background has played a huge part in &pizza.

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Non-Alcoholic Mixology 101: How to Attract Guests With 'Mocktails'

By Brian Murphy, Foodable Industry Expert

Non-alcoholic drinks are on the rise, and mixologists are up for the challenge of mixing up delicious alternatives to the standard non-alcoholic beverages. A choice of iced tea and lemonade in addition to soft drinks should no longer be the exclusive options, as discriminating guests are venturing further down the road of craft beverages.

Guests choosing not to consume alcohol are demanding to not feel left out, or simply overlooked, for not holding up their end of the shifting societal norm (and increased check average). Indulge them, and while you are at it, make the people consuming their go-to alcoholic beverage take notice of your leadership stance on craft, non-alcoholic drinks in the process.

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