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Now Trending: Pickled and Fermented Foods

A staple element of many European, Asian, African and Middle Eastern culinary traditions, pickled and fermented ingredients are now starting to make their way into restaurants nationwide. From accoutrements to integration in cocktail programs, pickling has become all the rage for U.S. chefs and mixologists.

How a Denver Marketplace is Localizing the Food Economy

GrowHaus is an indoor open farm, education center, and marketplace located in a Denver-based food desert called Elyria-Swansea Globeville. The GrowHaus is located in the same space as aquaponics farm Flourish Farms, helmed by Colorado Aquaponics. In addition, the GrowHaus has its own on-site hydroponic farm.

Bold, Simple Ingredients Drive Boston's Small Batch Ice Cream Craze

When it comes to the epitome of artisanal ice cream, it could just be Gracie’s Grapefruit Black Pepper Sorbet or J.P. Licks’ Orange Irish Sorbet spiked with Irish whiskey and Chardonnay. The key is using simple, high-quality, local ingredients with intense, bold flavors a quart or two at a time.

Kerry Simon's Culinary Spirit Keeps Rocking at Carson Kitchen

In this “Table 42” vignette, we join Cory Harwell, president at Simon Hospitality Group (SHG), to explore Carson Kitchen, a Foodable Top 25 restaurant in Las Vegas. Harwell is also co-founder of the group, which he started with the late Kerry Simon. Says Harwell, “I forever will be proud that I was able to build this with him.” 

Unit 120 Launches Culinary Incubator in Chinatown's Far East Plaza

Pop-up restaurants are all the rage in LA, allowing for chefs to test a number of culinary ideas without the potential risk of a brick and mortar. Yet finding the right space for these pop-up events can be time consuming. Enter Unit 120, the culinary incubator launched by Eggslut’s chef Alvin Cailan in Chinatown’s Far East Plaza.

Finka Table & Tap: In Miami, Korean-Latin Fusion Lives in an Unassuming Shopping Center

Miami has become a hotbed for gastropubs. But unlike any other we have seen, Finka Table & Tap, a Miami Top 25 Restaurant, is known for its fusion of Korean, Cuban, and Peruvian cuisine. In this vignette, Chef Eileen Andrade makes Korean fried chicken for us.

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Expert Column

The Rise of Nordic Cuisine: Where It Comes From and Where It's Heading

By Suzy Badaracco, Foodable Industry Expert

Food, flavor, and health trends are oftentimes born outside the food industry. So, by only looking at restaurants, food magazines, casual dining, and manufacturers’ movements, you can easily miss a trend’s birth or miscalculate its impact or time of death. There are several different birth paths and parents that can cause a trend to emerge. One of many birth types is called a Courier, which acts to shuttle a trend in from a neighboring industry or focus. Travel often acts as a Courier to the food industry. Simply put, consumers travel, experience the local cuisine, and return home seeking to replicate their food experiences. The Nordic cuisine trend’s parent is Travel, resulting from a Courier birth.

Arctic travel began in 2011 and continues in 2016 representing courage, adventure, excitement, isolation (signaling confidence), exploration, and shows consumers are making a turn away from crisis and toward recovery. Denmark, Norway, and Scandinavia are acting as poster children for travel and are also the leading ladies representing Nordic foods entering this country. More isolated countries such as Iceland, Finland, Antarctica, Nepal, Siberia, and Greenland are also top destinations under the Arctic umbrella due to their exotic nature. Their appearance signals exploration and movement away from the familiar — a strong sign of an economic recovery. Arctic travel is paralleling the swing back to more adventurous eating experiences and signals a return to individualism, risk taking, and leaving the pack. It is a move away from fear. This change is translated into food and flavors as more experimental and adventurous foods. 

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