Donna Wintergreen

Business Development

Donna Wintergreen is a media sales professional with expertise and relationships in the foodservice and food retailing industries. As the head of WintergreenMarketing, a foodservice media representation firm, Donna connects great foodservice suppliers to world-class menu-focused outlets, including FoodableTV.

Donna has worked with many of the great foodservice media institutions, including Nation’s Restaurant News and CSP Business Media on Restaurant Business and FoodService Director magazines, the brands' websites and e-newsletters, and conferences including Restaurant Leadership and Menu Directions. She has written about food and culinary for The Chicago Tribune, Restaurant Hospitality, Restaurants & Institutions magazines, and reviewed cookbooks for Publisher’s Weekly.  

On the food retailing side, Donna spent six years at Progressive Grocer magazine, as director of custom publishing and director of sales, and was director of sales for Store Equipment & Design.

A published songwriter, Donna feels the connection between great music and great flavor: you know where you were when you first heard or tasted it, and you can't get it out of your head!