Emerging Brands

Emerging brands are redefining the restaurant business with innovation, and creativity by taking the road least traveled. We explore the trailblazers that are creating a whole new expectation in food today. This podcast is a must listen if you are just beginning your journey or a veteran seeking a new direction to success for your brand.

You'll get insights, ideas and action items from the best leaders, change makers and innovators in the business, as they tell the story that has set them apart from the rest of the field!

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Samantha Stephens, chef and founder of OatMeals shares with Foodable the origins of her single-ingredient concept and how she built it from the ground up.

Tom Holt, Founder and CEO of Urbane Cafe, shares with Foodable insightful information about focusing on the consumer and their demands to sustain growth.

Seasoned food industry leader, Joe Guith, President of McAlister’s Deli®, shares with Foodable insightful information about the future outlook of the brand.

Top executives from emerging brand Tupelo Honey share with Foodable valuable insight on building an engaging lifestyle brand. Tyler Alford, Vice President of Operations, believes it all starts with hiring the right people and he attributes this philosophy to Tupelo Honey’s CEO, Steve Frabitore. Eric Gabrynowicz, Vice President of Culinary and Corporate Executive Chef of Tupelo Honey, is an example of this philosophy.

Hunter Pond, Founder of East Hampton Sandwich Co., shares with Foodable the early challenges that came with opening a restaurant brand with zero experience under his belt at the young age of 25. Luckily, Pond realized that his youthful spirit ended up energizing his team to have fun while getting through long work days.

Nicole Marquis, Founder and CEO of HipCityVeg, tells us how she developed her restaurant to show people that plant-based cuisine can be delicious. Her mission started when her desire to help her father fix his high blood pressure and type 2 diabetes became a debate about genetics versus diet. Nicole knew that she needed to show, not tell, her father that he could eat well and not give anything up that he loves about food, to instill a lifestyle change.

In 2010, Steve Schulze was working to become a healthier version of himself, just like everyone else. But after learning that the “healthy” juices he was drinking were actually made with additives and fillers, he knew society needed a better option for all the consumers trying to improve their lifestyles. So he began his mission with Nekter to become the “people’s juice;” affordable, accessible, and truly healthy.

Sam Polk was a hedge fund manager before he had, what he calls, a “crisis of conscience.” He was awakened by a number of structural inequalities he saw in our society, especially those in our food system. So he set out to confront those inequalities, first with his nutrition program Groceryships, and now with Everytable.

The Little Beet does things “the hard way.” Using all premium ingredients and ingredients that can be difficult to source, Duddleston says “I think that’s what makes us special.” But it takes more than good food to create an emerging brand.

By the time he was 24, Scott Davis was working as a manager at Au Bon Pain with soon to be CEO of Panera, Ron Shaik. He helped evolve Au Bon Pain into Panera Bread and there spent 25 years as the chief concept officer.

CEO of Shake Shack, Randy Garutti, has 18 years of experience with Union Square Hospitality under his belt. He’s learned directly from one of the greatest minds in our industry, Danny Meyer, and it shows in Garutti’s leadership style. As the chief executive of Foodable’s highest-ranked emerging brand, Garutti knows a thing or two about creating a successful, loved, and lasting brand.