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Watermelon Used Year-Round Adds Zest to Spring Chicken

You'll find watermelon every season at Spring Chicken, the fast casual baby sister of successful South Beach and Vegas concept Yardbird. In this episode of "Fast Casual Nation," brought to you by the National Watermelon Promotion Board, we sit down with the brains behind Spring Chicken and discover how the idea for this fast casual hatched up.

The Pop Up of Craft Soda: How a Big Brand's Smaller Focus Makes a Giant Impact

Soft drinks have been going through some hard times. Soda is falling flat, not necessarily in flavor, but in consumption. ABC News reported that 2015 marked the lowest consumption per capita in the last 30 years, and according to Fortune, sales for carbonated soft drinks have declined for the 11th year in a row. Needless to say, this isn’t a mere trend we’re seeing in consumer demand. It’s a tremendous societal shift.

Leadership Series: Matthew Corrin Brings Freshness to Fresh Food Business

At just 23 years old, Matthew Corrin set out to bring something different to the fresh food business. And, he did. In 2005, he branded Freshii, a restaurant committed to helping people live healthier, longer lives by enabling fresh, nutritious food choices that were both convenient and affordable. The first Freshii, whose motto is “Eat. Energize.”, launched in Toronto and was met with overwhelming success.

Who Are the Fast Casual Champions? Find Out in Our Top 100 Report

Discover consumers' favorite fast casual brands, the latest fast casual menu trends, other artisan concepts growing with the fast casual segment, and more in Foodable's Fast Casual Top 100 Social Brands 2016 Report. This ranking is not editorially selected, but instead, based on core data and consumer social metrics, reflecting the true, unfiltered opinion of people simply enjoying our industry's food

This Fast Casual Brings Sushi Burritos, Responsibly Sourced Fish to NYC

Uma Temakeria, a fast casual in New York, specializes in hand-rolled sushi and responsible sourcing, and is known for introducing the first sushi burrito to the Big Apple. We explore the brand in this "Fast Casual Nation" vignette. 

Don't Discount Yourself Out of Business: Tips on Creating Customer Value

Discounting your products not only shortchanges your worth, but your brand also loses customer value. One of the biggest reasons customers don’t value your product is not because they don’t think that it's worth it — it’s because you don’t think that you’re worth it. When you discount your products, what you’re actually telling your customer is that your food or drinks are not worth what you charge for them.

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Expert Column

How to Better Understand the Mindset of a Guest

By Donald Burns

Marketers and behavioral psychologists spend their lives trying to get inside the mind of the consumer. There are companies that spend millions of dollars annually on research to predict trends in the market. Focus groups and surveys are being used at this very minute to understand what makes restaurant guests do what they do.

After more than three decades of working with restaurants and their guests, it’s actually not that complicated to understand. There are human behavior patterns that only years of observation can illuminate. At first it’s like a puzzle that you’ve never put together before; it takes time. However, the more you put the pieces of the puzzle back together, the easier it gets.

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