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Missed the Fast Casual Nation Documentary? Watch it Now on Amazon

This week, Foodable Network released its first documentary— Fast Casual Nation: Changing The Way America Eats, on Amazon. The film, narrated by the network’s CEO and Executive Producer, Paul Barron, begins by exploring the food landscape that led to the birth of fast casual.


This Lifestyle Brand Plans to Grow by 75% By the End of 2017

CoreLife Eatery currently has 16 stores, but plans to grow to 28 stores by the end of the year. To help the concept meet its aggressive expansion goals, Scott Davis, the former Panera Bread chief concept officer was brought on as the president earlier this year. We sat down with the restaurant industry veteran to learn more about the chain.

The New Crew: Fast Casuals Setting the Industry on Fire

When a guest used to find himself at McDonald’s for a quick Big Mac, he’s now heading over to a venue like Matchbox to get a quality burger with ultra fresh ingredients. We looked at the latest findings in the Foodable Labs' data and found a few casual dining brands that are really standing out. Here’s what we learned.  

The Sandwich Recession: The Rise and Fall of Fast Casual Sandwich Sectors

Fast casual sandwich sectors have shifted greatly over the years. Today there are sandwich companies that take pride in the locally-sourced ingredients it serves, ensuring the customer gets the best food possible. Here's a few key players doing something right in the sandwich business.

9 of the Top 10 Most Loved Pizza Brands are Fast Casuals

The fast casual format certainly suits the pizza category. With today’s innovative kitchen equipment, pizzas can be served quickly and are usually inexpensive. Not to mention, they are customizable. So it’s not surprising that the majority (9 to be exact) of the top 10 Most Loved pizza brands are in the fast casual segment. 

Top Fast Casual Chefs in the Country

Fast casual dining is still going strong, and for good reason. Combine quick service with sit-down dining, and food that’s made of quality ingredients (such as locally-sourced and healthier options), fast casual has plenty to bring to the table. And we have the chefs behind the concepts to thank, who have been serving up some delicious eats inside their casual venues. 

Expert Column

How to Better Understand the Mindset of a Guest

By Donald Burns

Marketers and behavioral psychologists spend their lives trying to get inside the mind of the consumer. There are companies that spend millions of dollars annually on research to predict trends in the market. Focus groups and surveys are being used at this very minute to understand what makes restaurant guests do what they do.

After more than three decades of working with restaurants and their guests, it’s actually not that complicated to understand. There are human behavior patterns that only years of observation can illuminate. At first it’s like a puzzle that you’ve never put together before; it takes time. However, the more you put the pieces of the puzzle back together, the easier it gets.

Top Gallery

Exploring the best fast casual foodie spots from coast to coast means nothing without high quality footage and food porn. Below, we share some of our favorite shots from our travels around the country. Enjoy!