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Top Fast Casual Chefs in the Country

Fast casual dining is still going strong, and for good reason. Combine quick service with sit-down dining, and food that’s made of quality ingredients (such as locally-sourced and healthier options), fast casual has plenty to bring to the table. And we have the chefs behind the concepts to thank, who have been serving up some delicious eats inside their casual venues. 

The Urban Farmhouse: Bringing the Farm to the City

Coming from a number of fast food chains, Kathleen Richardson knew a thing or two about the business, but she wanted to do something a little different. So she opened a fast casual of her own, The Urban Farmhouse Market & Café, with a mission to bring the farm to the city and to provide customers with local, wholesome food. 

Fast Casual Dining Becoming Less Popular

Bloomberg reports that fast casual dining is at an all-time low, with sales lagging and customers more interested in cheaper and faster meals. Recent findings states the sales from fast casual venues “will slow between 6 and 7 percent” this year while the years prior had sales growing up to 11 percent. 

Foodable Labs Announces The Top 25 Restaurant Brands  Mid-Year Update

Foodable's National Top 25 Restaurants features the chains that are outperforming the competition in the industry on a national level. We take a closer look at the top three brands and how they are fostering positive social interactions.

Potatopia: Where the Spud Takes Center Stage

Potatopia is bringing bowls to the masses showcasing the majestic spud. With locations in NJ, NY and the latest in south Florida, the chain is spreading the potato fever. We sat down with the CEO Allen Dikker to learn what inspired him to open this unique concept and what is to come.

Pei Wei Names Former QSR Marketing Exec as CMO

The fast casual chain Pei Wei announced last week that Brandon Solano will be joining its executive management team as CMO. So why the move to the fast casual sector? Solano has a passion for the brand’s “handcrafted care” and its premium food product.

Expert Column

How to Better Understand the Mindset of a Guest

By Donald Burns

Marketers and behavioral psychologists spend their lives trying to get inside the mind of the consumer. There are companies that spend millions of dollars annually on research to predict trends in the market. Focus groups and surveys are being used at this very minute to understand what makes restaurant guests do what they do.

After more than three decades of working with restaurants and their guests, it’s actually not that complicated to understand. There are human behavior patterns that only years of observation can illuminate. At first it’s like a puzzle that you’ve never put together before; it takes time. However, the more you put the pieces of the puzzle back together, the easier it gets.

Top Gallery

Exploring the best fast casual foodie spots from coast to coast means nothing without high quality footage and food porn. Below, we share some of our favorite shots from our travels around the country. Enjoy!