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Interactive Guides

Foodable's all-new interactive guides are where you can find compelling editorial, rich video content, and foodservice insights all in one place. From the highest-ranking chefs and highest-performing equipment to the leading menu and beverage trends, each guide is a data center that offers a global, comprehensive view of the restaurant and hospitality industry.

Make sure to check back frequently — powered by the largest foodservice-focused data warehouse, the Restaurant Social Media Index and Foodable Labs, we keep our finger on the pulse of the business, and continually update these dynamic guides as movements and shifts occur. 


These reports are powered by Foodable Labs™ — backed by proprietary, industry-specific data — provides global industry insights and one-of-a-kind overviews on chef, operator, and consumer-behavior trends. Our multiple reports and insight centers are focused on key industry terms and trends driven from the most expansive social data in foodservice. You can also get all of these reports and more with a Foodable+ Membership.