Seattle 2018

Villa Maria’s Private Bin Sauvignon Blanc Differentiates Itself from the Rest In the Category
Ste. Michelle Wine Estates is a collection of distinctive wines estates, located in the Pacific Northwest, California, and abroad. The company provides administrative and financial support for each wine property it does business with. Ste. Michelle’s company philosophy is to allow each wine estate/vineyard to have all wine-making decisions “made on site by the people who grow the grapes and make the wine” as stated in the company website.

Kona Brewing Company is Craft Beer Brewery with a Passion for Sustainability
Some say Aloha means to live in harmony with the natural world and each other, this is the test of our time. Kona Brewing Company is more than just another craft beer company. With a focus on smarter energy, responsible practices, and a dedication to the community around them Kona is embodying the true meaning of Aloha.

Westward's Chef Will Gordon Shares His Matbucha Braised Wild Alaska Pollock Recipe
We are featuring Chef Will Gordon, former Executive Chef of Westward, a Seattle restaurant located directly on the north shores of Lake Union. Chef Gordon will be working with wild Alaska pollock, provided by Trident Seafoods, to make a delicious Matbucha Braised Wild Alaska Pollock dish.

Chef David Glass, from Ethan Stowell Restaurants, Demonstrates His Lemon & Thyme Stuffed Wild Alaska Pollock Dish
We are featuring Chef David Glass, from Ethan Stowell Restaurants’ Staple and Fancy Mercantile located in the Seattle neighborhood of Ballard. Chef Glass will be working with wild Alaska pollock, provided by Trident Seafoods, to make a beautiful Lemon and Thyme Stuffed Wild Alaska Pollock dish.

Tom Douglas' Corporate Executive Chef, Chris Schwartz, Shows Off His Skills with a Pan-Roasted Wild Alaska Pollock Dish
Executive Chef Chris Schwartz from Tom Douglas Restaurants explains the newfound role of being a chef in today’s day and age and why it’s important to continue looking for new resources to cook with.

Seattle's Chef John Sundstrom Breaks Down a Spanish-Styled, Braised Wild Alaska Pollock Dish
We faetured Chef John Sundstrom, owner of Lark Restaurant in Seattle, who will be working with wild Alaska pollock, provided by Trident Seafoods, to make a rustic Spanish-styled dish.

Chicago 2018

The Chicago 2018 event featured an all new media stage approach to content and insights from the best and brightest in restaurant & hospitality today. featured 25 media sessions, four active media stages, 50+ speakers, Food Pop-Ups and our second annual Mix-Off Cocktail Competition.

Food Businesses Are Actually Tech Companies
Technology is no longer just a by product of our businesses today. Technology is now the core backbone of how we reach, interact, and exchange info with our customers.

Gen Z Is the Real Market That Matters
The younger generations are looking for healthier and more convenient options when it comes to food. Gen Z is the emerging consumer that is 73 million strong encompassing kids to young adults at ages ranging from 13 to 20 years old.

The Booming Business of Coffee and Tea
Learn about the creative process of developing an artisan beverage and how these beverage brands are standing out from the rest in this saturated market.

Emerging Brand: Hip City Veg
We will discuss how emerging brand Hip City Veg has been able to overcome some of the challenges it faces and what’s next for the brand.


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