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Trends to Expect in 2018 for Food Industry

The year 2017 brought us an exploding market in fast casual pizza concepts that happened during the midst of a downward spiral in sales across much of the fast casual, quick serve, and full-service restaurant sectors. What does the year 2018 have in-store for the restaurant industry? 

How Will the GOP Tax Plan Impact Restaurant Stocks and the Industry?


This week, the final draft of the GOP tax plan was passed in the Senate.One of the biggest changes, if not the biggest, from the current tax plan is that the corporate tax rate will be changed to 21% from the current 35%. Small businesses are not going to see an equal tax treatment.

Don’t Wait for The New Year to Start Changing Your Restaurant

Every year it’s the same story. Come January 1st things are going to be different! You are going to make those changes you have been endlessly talking about all this past year. You make a declaration to the world that this is your year and now you mean it. 

A Hospitality Professional's Thoughts On Why Independent Restaurants Are Shutting Down

The business model for independent restaurants is under threat. At least, that’s what Andrew Rigie, executive director of the NYC Hospitality Alliance, believes. Rising labor and rental cost are leaving a very thin profit margin for restauranteurs...

Vegan Named the Top Trend of 2018 According to 80 Chefs

Meat-eaters are gravitating to vegan dishes too. This is because chefs are getting creative with plant-based proteins and are serving up dishes that all diners, regardless of their dietary preferences, can't resist. These dishes are also much more sustainable.

Uber Eats Technology Is Developing Delivery-Only Virtual Restaurants

On this episode of On Foodable Weekly: Industry Pulse, we're looking at Uber Eats' newest experiment, virtual restaurants. That's right, the tech giant is taking another leap into the restaurant industry. This time, they're using their stores of data from Uber Eats...

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