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Getting Past the Labor Crunch in the Industry

Forget why it happened - or continues to happen - but there is a very real shortage of kitchen labor. You can have a shimmering five-star Yelp rating, a filled dining room, and the best craft beer list around, but without staff to make food and make drinks, you are nowhere. 

A Fundamental Shift In Consumer Expectations Leads to a New Restaurant Segment

In this episode of On Foodable Weekly, we sit with Scott Davis, President of CoreLife and Steve Schulze, Co-founder of Nekter Juice Bar to talk about how the consumer is enforcing their values with their dollar and the industry is reacting.  

SUR: The Restaurant Behind Bravo TV’s Hit Show Vanderpump Rules


On this Table 42 episode, Paul takes us to LA. Amidst the hustle and the bustle of the city, you will find starving artists and celebrity actors– all looking for a little camera time. There’s one place you can find it without an audition, you just need a reservation.

Have you Forgotten Some of These Restaurant Fundamentals?

Technology platforms can help you save time, financial resources, and improve ‘customer service’ levels, just to name a few. This article is not about how to not use technology (it’s a great asset,) but don’t let it fail you, your staff, or your customers.  Let’s remind ourselves as an owner, operator, manager, or frontline employee – some of the tactics that we must never forget.

How to Spot a Toxic Culture

Your restaurant's culture is the life force of your brand. It creates energy. That energy transcends and influences your staff. That trickles down to encompass the guest experience. To those on the outside looking in, it can be either a beacon or a warning sign. A toxic culture is a symptom of a much deeper condition: the total absence of leadership.  The good news is that toxic cultures can be spotted and treated.

3 Ways to Create a Training System That Gets Results

An outstanding restaurant understands that school is never out for the true professional. If you want your restaurant to stand out in your market, you need to become obsessed with training. Many people look at the word “obsession,” as a bad thing. But if you want to be at the top of your game, obsession over training is required.

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If you choose to accept these trends, the contents will self-destruct in no more than five years.

The new age of interior design isn’t something pertinent to just today. It is always happening as an eternal and constant force. To better understand what is called New Age Design, think of philosophy. What is the perfect example of a dining chair? For your fast casual, the perfect chairs may be simple with four legs and a hard seat to keep tables turning every five minutes.  For a microbrewery’s bar, heavy wooden stools with no backs could be the best solution. A fine dining establishment might lean toward a stylish and comfortable mid-century modern, upholstered chair.

This is New Age Design defined: for every time and place, there is a different and changing understanding of the perfect chair, table, and other interior surroundings.  

As a restaurateur, look at the current trends, understand evolving technology, and be aware of overlooked areas beyond the dining room.


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