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Tuning Up Nashville's Music Center

The movement and fluidity of music itself was the design inspiration for the Music City Center. This center takes on the idea of a city's brand identity to a whole new level. And at 300,000 square feet of exhibit hall space, 60,000 square feet of ballroom space, and 1.2 million square feet of space in total, this convention center is music to any event director's ears. 

How a Strong Operator-Supplier Partnership Leads to Success

There's more to restaurant success than the perfect operation, service staff, chefs, or menu items. It all begins with the right ingredients, which is exactly where suppliers come in. How does having a strong operator-to-supplier relationship lead to success? Find out in this episode of "Rock My Restaurant," hosted by William Bender and Eric Norman.

Creating the State-of-the-Art Culinary Space at Northside High School

The culinary arts program at Northside started humbly in a small, little building. As it expanded, both in student body and mission, the space needed to expand along with it. FCSI consultant Lance Brooks was on top of industry trends and ready to face the challenges that came with recreating the space. Watch and learn more about the transformation.

7 Tips on Pitching Your Concept to Investors

You’ve developed your restaurant concept plan, you’ve completed a feasibility study, and you’ve written a pretty solid business plan. Or maybe you’ve been successfully operating a restaurant for years and are looking to expand. Fantastic! But now what?

Are You Prepared? 3 Ways the Right Prep Equipment Helps Operations

A kitchen staff without the right preparation equipment is like a DJ showing up to a sold-out Cubs game at Wrigley Field with a mixed tape and a boom box. Not even John Cusack hoisting the stereo over his head can save this disaster on the field. The playlist might be the perfect and well-rounded menu, but the execution will be severely flawed.

3 Ways Servant Leadership Elevates Staff Performance

The best way to sum up Servant Leadership is that ownership is in service to their employees as much as their employees are in service to them. Employees aren’t owned or property – they aren’t lucky to have the position they do. It’s a collective, “we’re all in this together for a single goal and that is to make the customer happy.” Here are three ways that Servant Leadership will elevate your staff’s performance.

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If you choose to accept these trends, the contents will self-destruct in no more than five years.

The new age of interior design isn’t something pertinent to just today. It is always happening as an eternal and constant force. To better understand what is called New Age Design, think of philosophy. What is the perfect example of a dining chair? For your fast casual, the perfect chairs may be simple with four legs and a hard seat to keep tables turning every five minutes.  For a microbrewery’s bar, heavy wooden stools with no backs could be the best solution. A fine dining establishment might lean toward a stylish and comfortable mid-century modern, upholstered chair.

This is New Age Design defined: for every time and place, there is a different and changing understanding of the perfect chair, table, and other interior surroundings.  

As a restaurateur, look at the current trends, understand evolving technology, and be aware of overlooked areas beyond the dining room.


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