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Front of House is a podcast inviting listeners into our space to share marketing tips for the modern world. Using real life experiences from top restaurant brands, Coterie Hospitality's Marketing Specialist and Educator, Carrie White, teaches us all what we need to know to get customers through the door and keep them coming back.

Learn actionable steps to dissecting your business, your customers, and your many partnership opportunities with Carrie White. She connects with Area Representative and Franchise Owner for Firehouse Subs, Sam Stanovich to discuss the processes and benefits of partnering with other businesses.

Carrie speaks with Jot Condie, President and CEO of the California Restaurant Association, about how changing minimum wage legislation can affect restaurants. With experience dealing with Australia's $18 an hour minimum wage, Carrie shows that cutting costs is not the only way to combat higher wages. 

In part two of this episode about promotional campaigns, Carrie speaks to successful Chicago restaurateur Fabio Viviani about how he how he markets to his target audience and how he provides greater value to his guests without discounting his product.

In part one of this episode about promotional campaigns, Carrie outlines a number of steps operators should consider before running a campaign from the different types of promotional campaigns, what each can achieve, and how to ensure success through team collaboration.

People choose restaurants for more than what is just on their menu. McDonald’s learned after becoming a staple that it’s signature yellow arches symbolized dependability. And Starbucks’ coffee shop music and relaxed atmosphere made it a perfect study spot. So what game are you in? What do you want to be known for?


Get rid of all the guesswork in your business! With all the data you are (or should be) collecting from your customers, you have all the information you need to be making informed decisions about your marketing plan. Don’t know how? On this episode of Front of House, host Carrie White and Datavail’s Evan Eakin tell you exactly how to use data to your advantage from collection, to segmentation, to implementation!

Today we are marketing to a whole new breed of consumer. Constantly online, digital content is a must for any hospitality business trying to reach their tech-savvy audience. On this episode of Front of House, Carrie White talks to Shivram Vaideeswaran, VP of Marketing at Tender Greens about how important video is in your business, and better yet HOW to get started. Dive into this episode for some great step-by-step instructions to get more people through your door with DIY video content!

Offering quality customer service is a "must" in any hospitality business, but sometimes it can be difficult to provide a customized experience for every potential guest. Enter the chatbot. While many may shy away from using bots in their business, in this episode Carrie explains how bots can improve the customer service experience– while also still maintaining that human touch. 

You don’t need a million dollar marketing campaign to get customers through your doors. Take it from Pincho Factory CEO, Nedal Ahmad. What started with him manning all his social media from an iPod touch has flourished into a seven location (and growing) brand with a cult following. Find out how he did it on this episode of Front of House.

Are you having trouble turning first-time customers into repeat customers? Carrie White knows why. On this episode, Carrie hears from real customers about why they don’t return to restaurants and deconstructs mistakes that you too might be making in your hospitality business.

James Trapnell, Branding Specialist and Partner at Coterie Hospitality, joins Carrie to take a closer look at how your logo, decor, and even uniforms are sending a message to your customers.

Welcome to Front of House, your go-to Hospitality Marketing Podcast. Marketing Specialist and Educator Carrie White guides us through how each and every element of your business can and should be a part of your marketing plan.

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